Saturday, June 11, 2016

Current Events: Cowboy to the Rescue!

From Local 8 Now

This is just the greatest story, especially for today when the focus is on horses!  A woman who saw her bike being stolen at an Oregon shopping center called out for help, and a cowboy who happened to be nearby sprang into action.  He unloaded his saddled horse from his trailer, rode after the would-be thief, and successfully put his awesome roping skills to the test, lassoing the perpetrator by the ankles when the hapless fellow decided to leave the bike and make a run for it.  Police arrived on the scene and arrested the suspect, and the heroic cowboy went about his business as if it was all in a day's work.  Now that is what I call an "angel on horseback"!  See the complete video on CNN here, and let's hope the next time someone is in trouble a kind soul on horseback will be there to come to the rescue.  

The cowboy hero!
(from Oregon Live)

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