Thursday, June 2, 2016

This 'n That Thursdays: 2016 Design Trends

Black stainless steel appliance
(from Elle Decor)

Elle Decor recently posted a photo gallery about up and coming home design trends in 2016, so I thought I would take a look at each and decide for myself (in my usual opinionated way) if I would vote "YEA", "NAY", or "MEH" (check out all of the images on the Elle Decor site).  Let's get started!

1) Black stainless steel kitchen appliances - YEA

I have to say that I am just a bit tired of the ubiquitous silvery stainless steel in kitchens, so it is almost a relief to see a new trend.  I like the look of the black stainless steel, so if we need to replace appliances in the future I would definitely consider it.

2) Heated entryway floors - NAY

It sounds like a good idea, but honestly I don't think I would even notice the heated floor (I feel the same way about heated car seats).  I do know that I prefer to stay cooler rather than warmer and tend to set our thermostat pretty low in the winter, so for me the heated entryway floor would be pointless.

Granny's floral sofa
(from Red House West)

3) Granny florals - NAY

I am not especially fond of floral upholstery, rugs, wallpaper, or accessories, and those old-fashioned oversized posies just don't appeal to me.

4) Formal dining rooms - MEH

I do like to have a defined space for seated dining, but do not feel the need to keep it formal.  Currently I have bookshelves for my overly extensive cookbook collection in our dining room, so the room also functions as a library of sorts, and I like it that way.

5) Mismatched kitchen cabinets - MEH

Personally I like to keep the kitchen cabinets consistent, in a natural wood tone, but as long as the different styles don't clash I see nothing wrong with using multiple looks.

6) Marble accents - MEH

I am not a fan of marble at all (I just don't like the look), but as long as it is kept to small accessories it is fine.

Here's a unique idea - the statement bathroom mirror beside rather than
above the sink!  Who needs to watch themselves washing their hands
or brushing their teeth anyway?
(from Ideal Home Interior)

7) Statement bathroom mirrors - YEA

I find those vast mirror expanses in bathrooms to be excessive and a pain to keep clean (and yes, we have them in our master bathroom), so any mirror which limits the glass to a reasonable amount while also adding a little more style is a plus in my book.  One caveat - sometimes there is a fine line between statement mirror and just plain ugly (I wish I had a picture of the guest bathroom mirror our house had when we first moved in!).

8) Bidets - MEH

I have never used a bidet and doubt if I ever will at this point, but for those who like them I say why not go for it.

9) Mixed materials in kitchens - YEA

All kitchens used to be designed with mixed materials - tile floors, wood cabinets, solid surface counters, a different type of tile for the backsplash, and of course metal appliances.  Now these materials can be used for almost any aspect in the kitchen (such as wood for floors, metal for counters, fake wooden fronts on appliances, etc.).  In my opinion it is boring to use the same materials (and colors - I'm talking about you, white) for everything in the kitchen, so thumbs up to mixed materials!

10) Tech-less living rooms - YEA

I am one of those people who does not like to keep adding gadgets to my life.  I do not have time to learn how to use all of the remote controls for things which used to only require an on/off switch.  I am contrary enough to feel that the fewer gadgets in my life the better, so tech-less rooms have my full approval.

11) Raffia - MEH

I have nothing against raffia, but I fail to see the need for more small décor items in yet another material.  If I were starting from scratch, though, I suppose another option would not be a bad thing.

Cozy fireplace as the room's focal point
(from House Beautiful)

12) Fireplaces - YEA

I like the idea of a fireplace as the focal point of a room.  I largely ignore (or fall asleep in front of) the TV most of the time whether it is on or off anyway, so why not just ignore a fireplace instead, while basking in its warmth when needed?

13) Bathrooms that feel like living spaces - NAY

I thought hard about this one, but in the end I decided that bathrooms are meant to be functional spaces, not living spaces.  Unless you have a large family and a small house and have no other recourse for a retreat, leave the bathroom as it was meant to be used.

Would I stripe a wall in my house like the one above?  You bet!
(from Freshome)

14) Technicolor stripes - YEA

I am just a big color fanatic, so any trend that adds more color to the home is a positive for me.

15) Matte finishes - YEA

This trend could have just as easily earned a "MEH" from me, but while I don't feel the need to change any metal fixtures to ones with a matte finish, I don't mind the look and would possibly consider it if something needed to be replaced.


Seven "YEAS", three "NAYS", and five "MEHS" - I think I am pretty open to new design trends without being too easily swept up in them.  Everyone has their own likes and dislikes and they will invariably be different from mine, but I love the fact that no two people have the same design style, as this leads to a plethora of unique and interesting ideas to peruse and ponder!

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