Saturday, May 14, 2016

Weekend Wardrobe: White Summer Dress/ Casual Jacket Wardrobe

Not long ago, a blog post on The Vivienne Files described some recent fashion trends noted in Paris.  The one that particularly caught my attention was a white summer dress paired with a denim jacket.  By chance, I had just seen similar apparel in a recent issue of Catalog Favorites.  This coincidence inspired me to create a fashion style board using only items from Catalog Favorites (which, by the way, are not too outrageously priced).  I found two jacket options that I liked (blue with floral embroidery and lilac-colored cotton twill), so I came up with ensembles for both:

Left, top to bottom: Embroidered Denim Jacket; Floral Denim BagDenim Watch; Stretchy Denim Ballerina Shoes; Center: Embroidered Cotton Sundress; Right, top to bottom: Lilac Cotton Twill Jacket; 6-Zipper-Pocket Bag Set; Lavender Jade Carved Rose Sterling Ring; Multicolored Stretchy Sneakers.

Both outfits are perfect for a casual summer day or evening event.  Even though white can be frustratingly hard to keep clean, the simple cotton dress is easily washed.  It is also relatively inexpensive, so buy two and wear one while the other is in the wash.  Everyone will envy your ability to keep white clothes spotless, and only you will know that your dress has a twin!

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