Thursday, May 12, 2016

This 'n That Thursdays: Fun with Hot Dogs

For some reason, last week everything seemed to be coming up hot dogs!  First a colorful fashion blog post, and then a Heinz Super Bowl ad that I saw for the first time (see above), brought hot dogs to the forefront for me. Just for fun, I decided to google "hot dogs", and I ended up finding some seriously silly ways to serve this popular summer food that I think would be worth attempting.

From Spice Up Your Life with a Taste of Japan

First up is a recipe for creating your own dog face-shaped hot dog buns!  The method is included in the blog post, and if you like making your own bread then this variation would be fun to try.

From Pinterest

If you would rather not make your own bread, then simply use hamburger rather than hot dog buns.  Attach cheese slice ears and eyes plus black bean nose and pupils with mustard, and enjoy!

From Rhodes Bake 'N Serve

Almost everyone may remember biscuit or crescent roll dough-wrapped hot dogs from childhood campfire days.  Well, you can take this concept one step further and create dog-shaped wrapped hot dogs!  The technique may be a bit more difficult than the one for dog face buns, but with a little practice and a modicum of skill you can delight your guests with their own pup-shaped hot dog.

From Foodiggity

The last creation is the easiest of all if you have even minimal drawing skills.  Just take a squeeze bottle filled with catsup and draw an image of a wide-jawed dog on a white dinner plate (paper plates are fine).  Plop your hot dog into a bun, use a squeeze bottle of mustard to add some pointy teeth, and place the bun in the spot where the catsup dog's mouth should be.  It's that simple!


All four of these options would be fairly easy and fun to replicate, but please do not imitate the following image unless you have very cooperative baby "weiner dog" who is bold enough not to be traumatized (and definitely do not consume that used bun!):

From Serious Eats

I rarely eat hot dogs, but I am determined to try the first four options at some point this summer, because I find them all to be hilarious (okay, so I am way too easily amused!).  Happy hot dog days, everyone!

From Dogster

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