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This 'n That Thursdays: 2015 Serenbe Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Designer Showhouse

From Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles
(this is the back view of the house, overlooking the lake)

My husband and I toured the 2015 Serenbe Designer Showhouse this past Sunday, and it is stunning. I am not the most enthusiastic of photographers, but I did take a few photos, so I thought I would share them today.  I wish I had taken more, but mostly I photographed details that interested me.

The favorite room for both my husband and me was the master bedroom, designed by Cloth & Kind.  I love high contrast color schemes, and the simple black and white palette was very striking.  We also loved the primitive design features in the fabrics and artwork.  A gorgeous black and white striped rug covered the floor, and we were told it was a vintage Moroccan rug priced at $8,000 (if you are interested, it is available on the website Chairish).

You can see a corner of the rug in the above photo.  This cozy reading nook is adjacent to a large picture window overlooking the lake.  My husband and I also liked the fabric on the chair, which was repeated on a bolster pillow on the bed.

These textured fabric Roman shades with a simple geometric design, which were hung on windows in the master bedroom and bathroom, were another favorite.

There was a wall of art directly opposite the bed which featured this fantastic image by local photographer Jason Thrasher (too bad he isn't the one posting photos of the house here!).

The master bedroom designers used so many unique fabrics.  In the the hallway leading to the master bedroom, there were French doors opening out to a screened porch, and these beautiful drapes were hung on either side:

Another favorite room was the downstairs family room designed by Shayelyn Woodbery Interiors (for some reason her website no longer exists).  I neglected to get pictures of the room (I have provided a link to a website farther down that does have images), but I did photograph the colorful curtains that caught my eye:

Just outside the French doors in the above image is a terrace that overlooks the landscaped backyard and Grange Lake beyond.  The terrace was furnished by Stuart Pliner Design in a way that gives it an almost tropical feel:

I wish I had thought to photograph the back yard, as it was beautifully done by Bellwether Landscape Architects, but alas I neglected to do so.

Update: I did find one image of the back yard in an e-mail newsletter sent to me from Serenbe:

The above photo also gives you an idea of what the back of the house look like.  The back yard is very spacious for Serenbe, where yard size tends to be small.

Under the master bedroom and adjacent to the back yard was a guest bedroom, another beautiful room that my husband and I really liked.  My photo is not great, but my husband was impressed with the blue rug (he has a thing for rugs) while I liked the leather bed frame, although the headboard was a bit too elaborate for me (which may be why I subconsciously cut the top part off in my photo!).

I did get a photograph of the kitchen as we were leaving.  Designed by Huff Harrington (which also has a lot of artwork featured throughout the home), it was a chef's dream kitchen.  Since I am such a lazy cook it is a little too fancy for me, and I don't care for painted cabinets or subway tiles.  The island countertop is marble in a honed finish that was lovely and felt like slate.

The front porch was designed by B. D. Jeffries, and the focal point was this living wall, something I have been coveting for a while now, even though I think I would probably get tired of caring for it.

There was a small fountain in the front yard, greeting visitors with the soothing sound of trickling water.

And finally a view of the front of the house (I do seem to have presented our tour backwards!).  This discrete and simple façade gives little hint to the truly impressive home behind it, which is probably intentional.  My husband asked one of the volunteers about the value of the home, and was told it was $1.7 million.  We are not sure if that price includes all of the furnishings, but if my tastes were more sophisticated I would certainly keep all of the rooms furnished as is.  My photos don't even begin to do this house justice.  Here are a few more images that I found online:

View to kitchen from living room
(From Atlanta Journal Constitution)

Closeup of the kitchen range and hood
(from Bosch Experience Center on Facebook)

Another view of the master bedroom
(from Chairish)

Check out some really excellent pictures of the Designer Showhouse at BluLabel Bungalow.  The designer who created the website also loved the master and guest bedrooms that my husband and I favored, and her photos are much better than mine.  She has pictures of the family room I really enjoyed, as well as the dining room and home office which were decorated in styles that were not really our taste.

By a happy coincidence, later that evening after we got home I was glancing through the new October issue of Country Living magazine and saw an ad for WallpaperDirect that featured a wall covering we saw in the entry hall just outside the powder room in the Designer Showhouse.  The paper is from the Imperial Garden collection by Thibaut and is called "Birding".  The blue color option was used in the Serenbe home.  Feathers and birds seemed to be a bit of a theme in the home, and could be found in many of the rooms.

If you live in the Atlanta area and have an interest in interior design, I really encourage you to get to Serenbe and tour the show house.  It is a self-guided tour, so you can spend all the time you like in the house and grounds.  There are helpful volunteers stationed throughout to answer any questions you may have about Serenbe, the house, and the twelve featured designers.  The house is open for tours until October 4th.  For more information, visit the Serenbe Showhouse website here.

If you have never visited Serenbe, you are in for a treat.  It is a beautiful and well-planned eco-friendly community that continues to grow.  Serenbe was chosen as the location for the 2012 HGTV Green Home, and this home is not far from the site of the Designer Showhouse.  A day trip to Serenbe can be a fun family event, as a number of activities are available, including trail riding.  If you do ride, you may even get to meet EinSwine, the pot-bellied pig who wandered into Serenbe looking for horses and liked what he found so much he decided to stay (see a video of EinSwine accompanying his beloved horses on a trail ride here)!

The incredible EinSwine!

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