Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Wish List Wednesdays: Equine Markings Tea Towel

When I was young, I was a typical horse-crazed preadolescent girl.  In fact, I was absolutely obsessed with horses.  I loved to check books about them out of the library, and because we could not afford to buy these books, I crammed several notebooks full of the information I found in these sources and deemed essential knowledge for a future horse owner.  I still have those notebooks somewhere, and when I saw the Equine Markings Tea Towel ($16) from Anthropologie, I just had to smile, because I remember drawing those same images in one of my notebooks, carefully documenting them for future reference.  Even decades later, I am still fond of horses (I have two, as well as a miniature donkey) and so I feel I must own one of these towels, if only in memory of the young girl that I was, so fixated on these beautiful creatures all those years ago.

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