Wednesday, March 26, 2014

On the Homefront: Sweet Little Bouquets

Lovely spring flowers!

A couple of evenings ago my husband came home to find a small bouquet of pink flowers stuck in our driveway gate.  The next morning, as I headed out with our dogs before sunrise for our morning walk, I found another small bouquet, this time with daffodils, in the same place!  I placed each bunch into small glass vases, and voilà, I had beautiful floral arrangements for the house!  We still don't know who left the flowers (my theory is some neighborhood children who went for a walk in a park near us and left their picked posies behind in a convenient spot just for fun), but I have to smile every time I see these sweet little bouquets left by a budding floral designer in our entry gate.  Isn't spring a great time of year?

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