Thursday, March 20, 2014

This 'n That Thursdays: Reigning Cats and Dogs

From Steve's Hallmark

Anyone who is owned by a cat or dog knows who really rules the roost.  Our furry companions have us wrapped around their little paws, and they sure know how to work it to their advantage!  Two of my favorite sites make this fact perfectly clear.  Dog lovers in particular should check out the website "Dog Shaming".  New images are posted every day by owners whose dogs insist on asserting their rights.  The site name would suggest that our canine overlords might have just a smidgen of regret for some of their actions, but nothing could be farther from the truth.  I think the "shame" aspect is just wishful thinking on the part of their devoted human slaves!  One photo I especially love from the site is the following, because it so perfectly applies to our dogs as well (I for one am under no delusions as to who is in charge):

Do these dogs look ashamed?  I think not!

For cat lovers, there is a delightful YouTube series called "Simon's Cat".  Simon is the hapless lackey of a cat who is well aware that his poor human is no match for feline superiority.  Here is a classic episode:

Occasionally Simon's cat does not get his way, but only in typically feline situations and/or with nonhuman creatures, especially other cats, as in this recent installment of the series:

If you have never seen these videos and you have some spare time, watch them all (they are quite short) to truly appreciate the antics and absolute ascendancy of Simon's cat!

I just recently discovered this YouTube video which offers proof positive that humans are no match for canine cleverness (and the cat in the video clearly had no need to remind the human of a cat's rightful place in the home!):

Why do we even try to delude ourselves that we are in charge?  At least some of us have the means to properly indulge our furry friends in the manner to which they would like to become accustomed:

Pampered dog and cat at The Barkley luxury pet hotel
in Westlake Village, California
(from The Telegraph)

(BTW, if you are not one of the privileged elite who can afford The Barkley, under no circumstances should you allow your pets to see this post!)

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