Thursday, December 19, 2013

This 'n That Thursdays: What NOT to Give for Christmas!

From Toronto Sun

Selecting the perfect Christmas gift is seldom easy, but knowing when to say no can go a long way in helping to avoid outright catastrophes.  I thought I would gather a few examples of what NOT to give your loved ones this holiday season, just in case you are totally clueless when it comes to selecting presents.

Ugly Christmas sweater parties are very popular during this festive season, but unless you want your recipient to be the hands-down party winner, do not gift anyone with this sweater:

3-D Tacky Ugly Christmas Tropical
Delight Sweater
(from Etsy)

Likewise, in addition to avoiding crazy Christmas tops, stay away from equally crazy Christmas bottoms (trust me, your loved ones will thank you):

Betabrand Nauseating Holiday Pants
(from Huffington Post)

A nice pair of sunglasses would always be welcome, but these are definitely not them:

Glittery Green Xmas Tree Glasses
(from Rusty Zipper)

And not even the most ardent fan of Christmas is longing for one of these inflatable Santa suits:

Santa Clause Inflatable Chub Suit
(from TV Store Online)

I like dinosaurs -- I really do.  I don't even mind dinosaurs as outdoor Christmas décor.  But I have to draw the line at these garishly-colored dinosaur sofa pillows (well, okay, if you have dinosaur-loving youngsters, toss one on their beds, but that's it!):

Ugly Christmas Sweater Pattern Cartoon
Dinosaurs Throw Pillow
(from Zazzle)

Not all popular television series transition well as Christmas gifts, so please try to avoid, say, gifts with a zombie theme à la "The Walking Dead":

Zombie Christmas Ornaments
(From NeatoShop)

And acclaimed though "Breaking Bad" was, gingerbread house material it is not:

Sugarplum Cake Shop "Breaking Bad" Gingerbread House
(from BuzzFeed)

What could be worse than a stocking filled with coal?  One of these skull stockings filled with coal, that's what:

Skull and Roses Christmas Stocking
(from Art Fire)

Many people love to decorate their house to the hilt during the holiday season, but there is really no need to have Santa staring up at you from the toilet seat:

Santa Toilet Seat Cover and Rug Set

Even pets deserve a little consideration, so resist the urge to dress the little darlings up in one of these:

Santa Baby Tutu Dress
(from Pets at Home)

Santa Costume Christmas Holiday Cape
and Santa Hat
(from Etsy)

I swear that cat looks like it's plotting revenge, and so would anyone who receives one of the above gifts!  I hope this guide to avoiding unwise present purchases has been helpful, but if you still find that you have committed a gift faux pas, you could gracefully acknowledge your mistake and throw a bad gift recycling party for those unfortunate recipients!

Oh, and no home appliances either!
(from flickr)

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