Sunday, December 29, 2013

On the Homefront: Diamond's Poinsettia

I saved one small detail of our first floor Christmas décor for this post today.  The poinsettia above is very special to me.  It was given to us last year by the wonderful mobile vet who cared for our beloved dog Diamond during her last two weeks, when she was too ill to go to the vet hospital.  When it was time to let our girl go, I entrusted her care to this vet, and Dr. Wong was so kind and gentle.  Six years previously I had a terrible experience with a different mobile vet when our first Dalmatian became terminally ill, so I especially appreciated the way this new vet handled Diamond's care.  Dr. Wong even stopped by a week later with a lovely poinsettia, and stayed to chat with me about Diamond for an hour.  (If you live in the Athens, Georgia, area and need a vet who will come to your house, I highly recommend Dr. Sharon Wong.)

Somehow the poinsettia she brought managed to survive indoors until spring, when I moved it outdoors.  Once outside, it began to thrive.  When I brought it in for the winter, it developed the red bracts that you see above.  It is starting to lose leaves now, like it did after Christmas last year, but I hope I can keep it going until spring when I will move it outside again.  I like to think that a little part of Diamond lives on with her special poinsettia.  Before now, I had never been fond of poinsettias, but I intend to try to keep this one healthy and happy for a very long time.

Christmas 2011 (Diamond is on the right)

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