Thursday, December 26, 2013

This 'n That Thursdays: Unique Christmas Wreaths, and a Special Advent Calendar

Horse head wreath swag

Christmas may be over, but the decorations are still up, and I thought that today I would showcase some of the more unique wreaths I've noticed lately, none of which feature traditional holiday greenery (except for the one above, of course):

Clothes pins and tea bags wreath

Marshmallows wreath

Yarn balls and ornaments wreath

Neckties wreath

Gingerbread men wreath

Fresh cranberries wreath

Vintage Christmas bulbs wreath

Wine corks wreath

Peppermints wreath

Crayons wreath

Gumdrops wreath

Cinnamon sticks wreath

I also wanted to mention the link to a special Advent Calendar posted by a blogger on the Shetland Islands, who has graciously shared some of her lovely high-resolution photos as free downloads.  Here are just a few samples (photo captions are here):

I hope this isn't too much visual sensory overload just after Christmas.  Happy Boxing Day to all!

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