Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Wish List Wednesdays: Karen Donleavy Designs

Karen Donleavy deluxe design Dalmatian mug (from Cherrybrook)

My Dalmatian Appreciation Day table featured a set of four Dalmatian dessert/bread plates by artist Karen Donleavy, so I thought I would highlight her work today.  Her specialty is dinnerware with a choice of animal designs, including many dog breeds, cats, horses, and a number of other species.  You simply select the type of dishware you want, choose the animal design you prefer, and let the artist create your selections for you!  My 8¼-inch plates in the regular design (plain background) cost $25 each.  There is also a deluxe design with a colorful background, as shown in the Dalmatian mug above, for $5 more.  In addition to the plates, I have a Dalmatian mug ($20) and an 8-inch Dalmatian dog feeder bowl ($34) in the regular design.  I hope to add even more to my collection soon!

Cat pottery in regular design by Karen Donleavy Designs
(from Classics on Main)

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