Thursday, September 5, 2013

This 'n That Thursdays: CARAVAN Festival of the Arts Painted Donkeys Exhibition

From Mercury News

If you plan to be in London in the near future, you might want to visit St. Paul's Cathedral to take a look at a special art exhibit on display right now.  Every year the annual CARAVAN Festival of the Arts features art which promotes intercultural and inter-religious dialogue.  This year's theme is "In peace and with compassion".  The artwork consists of 25 fiberglass donkeys, created by Egyptian artist Dr. Reda Abdel Rahman and painted by many different invited artists, both Muslim and Christian.  The artists chose their own unique designs.  Donkeys are a symbol of peace in both the Christian and Muslim religions, and also represent the poor as their beast of burden.  The CARAVAN display in St. Paul's Cathedral opened to the public on August 30th and will be on display through September 23rd.  The donkeys will then be auctioned off by a Sotheby's auctioneer, with part of the proceeds going to charities in Egypt which aid the most destitute, regardless of creed.  Take a look at some photos and a video of this unique event:

Learn more about the CARAVAN Festival of the Arts 2013 from this YouTube video:

My husband just returned from a trip to London about a week before this exhibition arrived, unfortunately.  Anyone lucky enough to be there before it comes down on September 23rd, though, should certainly visit St. John's Cathedral for a look, because once the donkeys are auctioned off it is highly unlikely they will ever be together as a group again.  There is a fee to tour the cathedral, but no charge to see the donkeys, and all who attend the free services at the cathedral can also view this display!

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