Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wish List Wednesdays: Circling Swallows Clock

I have an obsession with clocks -- we have at least one in most of our rooms, and often more than one.  They certainly do not ensure that I arrive at my destinations on time (although I am rarely extremely late), and they are not always accurate (some run fast and some run slow).  Whenever there is a time change (and one is coming up on November 3rd, FYI), my clocks are a nuisance to reset since there are so many of them.  But somehow it is reassuring to me to always know at least the approximate time, and I can't imagine giving any of them up.  In fact, I just may add to my collection!  The Circling Swallows Clock from Anthropologie would be a unique addition, since it consists of twelve lovely white birds in flight individually attached to the wall, plus the mechanism with the clock hands.  The price is steep ($158), but if you are as obsessed with clocks as I am, it is worth the price just to own such an unusual timepiece!

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