Sunday, October 30, 2011

Weekend Wonders: The Halloween Home - Decorating the Home


Tomorrow is Halloween, so how does one decorate the Halloween home for the holiday?  Take a look at some of these spaces for inspiration:

A spooky front entrance (from The Green Head)

A frightening foyer (from Good Housekeeping)

A horrifying staircase (from NY New Design)

A haunted living room (from Home Trend Design)

An eerie fireplace (from

An unnerving sitting room (from Your Decorating Hotline)

A scary dining room (from The Green Head)

A terrifying buffet (from

A funereal kitchen (from Fanpop!)

An unsettling master bedroom (from Time Out Chicago)

A creepy child's bedroom (from Jack Skellington Costumes)

Some chilling room details:

From Prêt-à-Fêter

From Just a Girl

With all of these examples to emulate, decorating for Halloween is frightfully easy!

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