Thursday, October 20, 2011

This 'n That Thursdays: The Halloween Home - Shower Curtains

Scene from the movie "Psycho" (from Apartment Therapy)

One of the easiest ways to add a touch of Halloween to the old haunted manse is with a spooky shower curtain.  These are surprisingly easy to find, no doubt due to the famous shower scene in the Alfred Hitchcock thriller "Psycho".  In fact, many of these spooky shower curtains feature a "Psycho" or crazed killer theme:

From Costume Express

From Halloween24 (this one even has sound, including the "Psycho" theme song!)

From Uncommon Goods


From Buy Costumes

You can even pair one of these shower curtains with this appropriately-designed bath mat:

From Perpetual Kid

Voila!  The perfect scary bathroom for any Halloween guest!

From Ladies Gadgets

For something less gory but still scary, try these:

From iOffer

From Perpetual Kid

From iOffer

From Punk Rock Clothing (I guess this one is still sort of gory!)

Not everyone is thrilled with scary images, so for those who want little to no frights with their Halloween shower curtain, there are these options:

From (actually, I think a giant rubber ducky is pretty scary!)

From iOffer (OK, maybe he's a little scary, but he is just a pumpkin after all!)

From (there, is that better?)

Whether you like your Halloween décor frightening or friendly, there is a shower curtain out there sure to please!

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