Saturday, October 29, 2011

Weekend Wonders: The Halloween Home - Home Furnishings

From French Bird

Is it time to spruce up the interior of your eerie abode?  Perhaps all you need is some new furniture in the public spaces to bring that tired-looking haunt up to date!  There are a number of pieces available which are quite suitable for a "spook-tacular" look:

This Squiddy Table would look great in a foyer,

while the Squiddy End Tables are perfect for the living room.  Add a Coffin Couch or two,

topped with a few Blood Spatter Throw Pillows,

plus a Kersplat Coffee Table,

and your living room will be well on its way to becoming a frightfully comfortable area for any victims --  um, I mean guests!  Oh, and don't forget to include an Octopus Chair for that distinctively scary flair:

If your home has a den or sitting room, then a few of these Scorpion Chairs,

arranged around a tasteful Spider Table,

would be a great way to get the conversation (or the screaming!) started.

For entertaining, a stylish dining room is a must, and this Paint or Die But Love Me Table is an ideal choice:

Place a Chairnificine Arm Chair at each end,

(chair can be lifted off of blood spatter if needed)

and some Remember You Will Die Chairs along each side,

and your victims -- oops again, I mean guests -- will be dining in style, especially when you bring out your best Zombie Dinner Plates for the meal:

Just remember to invite the zombies themselves over on another night, unless you really do want the rest of your guests to be victims!

Add these scary home furnishings to your home and your place could soon become the talk of the town.  Beware of pesky neighbors carrying pitchforks and torches, though -- they are definitely not invited to view your revamped castle!

From Word Spy

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