Thursday, October 13, 2011

This 'n That Thursdays: The Halloween Home - Wall Coverings

From Riverdale Historical Society

That special time of year has finally arrived -- time to get the old haunted mansion gussied up for Halloween!  Since wallpaper was on yesterday's wish list, I thought I would check out other wall coverings that would add just the right Halloween touch to any home.  First up is this spider-covered beauty called "Irrational Fear" by Dupenny:

If spiders are not what you are looking for, how about elegant ladies accompanied by their favorite arthropods on this Ms. Ward Wallpaper in Milkweed from the 2010 Naturalist collection at Grow House Grow? Classy and creepy at the same time, this pattern is sure to please!

Sometimes just insects will do -- if that is the case, check out the "Insect" wallpaper from Timorous Beasties:

Should distressed iguanas be more to your liking, then the "Iguana" pattern, also from Timorous Beasties, is the design for you:

Not everyone is interested in nature's fearsome creatures.  For something far more diabolical, the devil himself is also represented in the wall covering world -- just take a look at Timorous Beasties' "Devil Damask Velvet":

This pattern gives new meaning to the phrase "The devil is in the details"!

Skulls seem to be quite popular as a wallpaper pattern -- here are just a few:

From Classic Wallcoverings Inc.
From Bond Harrington
From Inspire My Home

All of these wallpapers would set the right mood for Halloween, but they are still not the scariest patterns out there.  I find this collage of over 1,000 Victorian glass eyeballs photographed by Vik Muniz for a wall covering called "Private Eyes" to be particularly unnerving -- they stare in all directions, which means that you can never escape their constant surveillance:

But even these unsettling eyeballs don't creep me out the way this wallpapered bathroom does:

The "Tema e Variazioni" wallpaper is adapted from drawings of a single woman by Italian designer Piero Fornasetti.  Those unsmiling faces and expressionless eyes have me wondering what the mind behind those visages is contemplating -- I just know it can't be good!  And to find myself surrounded by a wall full of them in a bathroom would be more than I could handle.  Others may find this pattern to be their ideal wallpaper, Halloween or otherwise, but give me spiders any day!

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