Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wish List Wednesdays: Blue Crab and Shrimp Dog Beds

From Velocity Art and Design

As someone who loves dogs as well as all things crustacean, I was delighted to discover this oval-shaped dog bed adorned with a blue crab image from See Scout Sleep!  Perfect for medium-sized dogs, it also reverses to an attractive striped pattern, and is an eco-friendly product made in Louisiana out of all-natural materials.  The price tag is a bit steep ($190), but 10% of the cost goes to the Gulf Coast Fund to help restore the coastline.  Besides, for those like me who are obsessed with decapods it is well worth the money!  And if your dog is tiny or you are the proud owner of a cat, this heart-shaped bed decorated with kissing shrimp may satisfy your pet's naptime needs:

Whichever bed you choose, your happy pet is sure to give you that adoring looks that says "Thank you!"

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