Thursday, August 18, 2011

This 'n That Thursdays: "So You Think You Can Dance?" Season Eight

Last week I watched the season finale of one of my favorite television shows called "So You Think You Can Dance?".  I am not normally very interested in these sorts of reality shows -- I am indifferent to singing and talent contests, and could care less about houses or islands full of barely compatible inhabitants -- but this show about dance has captured my attention and held it for several seasons now.  I have always loved to watch those blessed with the skill to dance well and beautifully, and this contest focuses attention on some of the brightest young rising stars out there.  I particularly love the fact that they are all so humble and appreciative, unlike the contestants on so many other shows.  Choreography is created specifically for this program, so the talents of choreographers are showcased as well.  My only complaint is that dancers have to be eliminated every week so that a winner can be selected by the viewing audience, but the clever producers have chosen to show the elimination phase of the competition on the day after each challenge episode, so that softies like me do not have to watch the sad part of the competition!

The season finale always allows the judges to pick their favorite routines for an encore performance, and I invariably find myself hoping that somehow this time none of the final four will have to be eliminated, and the night of superb dance will just go on and on indefinitely.  Obviously this cannot be, and this season's winner was eventually revealed to be an amazingly talented young lady from my home state of Georgia, Miss Melanie Moore (shown above).  Congratulations to Melanie, and to all the young dancers who bring such joyous bodies in motion into our lives, to the choreographers who always give these dancers something marvelous to interpret, and to all who bring this show to us.  I eagerly look forward to Season Nine!  For those who have not seen the show, here is a video of what is probably my favorite routine ever:

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