Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Wish List Wednesdays: Passing Countryside Harper Sofa from Anthropologie

Conventional interior design wisdom recommends purchasing large furniture pieces such as sofas in a neutral shade and adding more intense color accents with smaller pieces like pillows and art.  Of course, everyone knows that rules are made to be broken, and the Passing Countryside Harper Sofa ($2,598), designed by artist Lauren Carlson Walcott and available from Anthropologie, is a case in point.  This brightly hued and uniquely patterned sofa is so beautiful it convinced me that, if you find a large upholstered item in a style you adore, then go for it and let the chips from that broken design rule fall where they may!  Just be sure that you can live with this lovely look for a while, because it is certainly an investment piece, but if it is the sofa of your dreams then why settle for anything else?


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