Saturday, March 11, 2017

Weekend Wardrobe: Earthy Colors Weekend Travel Wardrobe

Spring in the north Georgia mountains (from Rainbow Cabins).

My post two weeks ago featured light and bright colors, so I thought I would go in a different direction today with more earthy tones in shades of brown and olive.  These colors are often considered autumnal, but there is no reason they can't be worn at this time of the year as well.  I did read recently that our visual perception of color changes according to seasonal color shifts in our environment, so we really do prefer warmer, darker colors in the fall more than at any other time of the year.  Even so, I happen to like warm earthy hues no matter what the season, so I will wear them whenever the mood strikes!

The travel wardrobe I put together today would be perfect for a quick and casual spur-of-the-moment road trip, where you just toss everything you are not actually wearing in a suitcase, jump into the car on Friday afternoon, and start driving with no particular destination in mind.  My preferred direction would be toward the mountains, and the earth tones of this collection would work well for such a trip.  Here are the items I would wear when starting out:

Clockwise from top left: Peter Hahn Round Neck Top in Graphite/Multi-Coloured; Aigner Scarf in Beige; Peter Hahn Cardigan in Natural-MΓ©lange; Peter Hahn Pouch Bag in Chocolate Brown; Wirth Slip-On Shoes in Chocolate Brown; Raphaela by Brax Jeans in Taupe Denim.

And here is the rest of the wardrobe to be packed:

Clockwise from top left: Peter Hahn Necklace in Multicoloured; Emilia Lay Necklace in Brown/Ecru; Basler Knitted Top in Olive Multi-Coloured; Vicenzo Leather Maci Distressed Leather Crossbody/Clutch in Dark Brown; Peter Hahn Round Neck Top in Rust/Multi-Coloured; Romika Ankle-High Sandals in Brown; Canyon Capri Trousers in Khaki; Peter Hahn Round Neck Top in Sage/Multi-Coloured.

The weather this time of year can be unpredictable, so you may want to take a water repellent coat or jacket along (and some waterproof boots or shoes might be a good idea too).  I like this one:

Schneider Salzburg Jacket in Dark Olive.


Once again all clothing and accessories (except for one of the handbags) are from the Peter Hahn site, and once again the tops are all prints, this time a combination of abstract and floral designs.  Even so, this wardrobe and the one from two weeks ago couldn't be more different!  I have one more spring travel wardrobe based on print tops from Peter Hahn in mind for next week in yet another color combination option, and then I promise I will move on to other sites and ideas.

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