Saturday, March 25, 2017

Weekend Wardrobe: Bright Colors Spring/ Summer 4x4 Wardrobe

Looxent V-Neck Top with 3/4-Length Sleeves in Multicoloured

I know I promised to move on from the Peter Hahn website, but then I found the colorful striped top shown above, and I just had to do another post using it as the inspiration for a spring/summer 4x4 wardrobe.  The abundance of bold, bright-colored stripes appeals to me.  Choosing the dominant colors for this collection was hard because there are so many options from the shirt, but I thought I would try limiting my neutrals to just white.  I then picked three of the many bold colors in the shirt - cobalt blue, bright red, and dark green - for the other dominant colors:

I decided to pick clothing items that are casual but tailored.  Even though three of the bottoms are jeans, they have a slightly more sophisticated look that would suit a relaxed indoor workplace environment.

I started the first set of four with the striped top, plus a red top, white jeans and a simple white linen blazer:

Clockwise from top left: Looxent V-Neck Top with 3/4-Sleeves; Peter Hahn Blazer with 3/4-Length Sleeves in White; Peter Hahn Round Neck Top with Short Sleeves in Red; KJBrand Jeans - Design by Betty CS in White.

The next set of four introduces the cobalt blue in jeans and a skirt, and adds two blouses, one in white and the other with a fun multicolored print dominated by the color blue:

Clockwise from top left: LaCoste Shirt-Style Blouse in White; Habsburg Blouse in Multicoloured; NYDJ 7/8-Length Jeans - Clarissa Ankle in Teal; Peter Hahn Skirt in Gentian Blue.

The color red is emphasized in the third set of four, with solid red capris and jacket plus one striped and one floral print top:

Clockwise from top left: Peter Hahn Shirt-Style Blouse in Red/White; Peter Hahn Blouse Jacket in Red; Riani  Blouse with 3/4-Length Sleeves in Ecru Multicoloured (currently out of stock); Lisette L. Shaping Capri Trousers in Red.

The last set of four introduces the dark green color in a polo shirt plus jeans, and adds a basic white tee shirt as well as a simple red dress:

Clockwise from top left: Peter Hahn Round Neck Top in White; LaCoste Polo Shirt with Long 1/2-Length Sleeves in Dark Green/White; Brax Feel Good "Feminine Fit" Jeans in Moss Green; Peter Hahn Jersey Dress in Red.

Finally, here are all four sets in the 4x4 wardrobe configuration:

I really like the fresh colors for this spring-to-summer wardrobe, and the dark green could even be used as a transition color for fall.  While a square-necked dress would not work for me (square necks overemphasize my square jawline), it became a popular neckline style last year and looks great on others.  I have to say I am really tempted by the blue print shirt!  If you look at it up close you can see that the print features flowers and animals, including dogs, and I do love a good animal print:

Next week I will choose accessories for this colorful wardrobe, and I may have to focus on a flower and animal theme!

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