Thursday, July 2, 2015

This 'n That Thursdays: Patriotic Pups

From 99!9 The Point

Do you dress up your pet(s) during the holidays?  For many people, celebrations are not complete unless pets are included, and to some owners this means dressing their furry friends up in special apparel and/or accessories.  Dogs in particular seem to be subjected to this foray into fashion, and a quick internet search turned up dozens of Independence Day examples.  From the silly to the shocking to the sublime, for better or worse, canine companions have been decked out in patriotic outfits of all sorts, and while these pups may not exactly be cheering for these versions of the red, white, and blue, at least it seems that they are being very good sports about their holiday finery!

The Silly:


From U.S. of Awesome

From A Pampered Dog

The Shocking:

From BuzzFeed

From Huffington Post

The Sublime:

Cool shades, dude!
(from Huffington Post)

Cool dudes in the shade!
(from Nylabone)

Sometimes less is more -- just a dog and his flag!
(from The World According to Lexi)

I hope the Fourth of July is a safe and happy one for you, your family, and your friends (including the furry ones)!

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