Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Wish List Wednesdays: Two Beautiful Daylilies

A garden full of daylilies
(from This Garden is Illegal)

Last Saturday my husband and I went to see the North Georgia Daylily Society Show and Sale at the State Botanical Garden in Athens, Georgia.  We both love daylilies (Hemerocallis spp.) because they are hardy perennials with lovely, large, and colorful flowers.  There were dozens of daylily flower stems on display, and the beautiful colors were magnificent.  We arrived a bit too late to purchase any of the varieties we preferred, but I did jot down the names of three of the exhibits with the hope that I would be able to find them online.  My two favorites are indeed available:

Daylily 'Sultan's Ruby' ($12.00)
(from Whitehouse Perennials)

My first choice at the show, daylily 'Sultan's Ruby',  has rich sunfast ruby red single blooms about five inches in diameter.  The plant reaches approximately two feet in height and starts an extended blooming period in midseason.  While it is not fragrant, the breathtaking flowers are reason enough to grow this beauty.

Daylily 'Desert Flame' ($10.00)
(from Rural Roots Gardens)

Daylily 'Desert Flame' is slightly more orange-red in color.  The six-inch flower is ruffled and triangular in shape.  The plant is about three feet high and blooms early in the season.  These flowers are quite the showstopper!

I was unable to find my third choice, the intense orange daylily 'Listen to Your Heart', online except for a brief mention of the name with no description or image.  However, the multitude of daylily color choices that are available is quite mind-boggling, and it is never difficult to find more than enough options to fill any garden!

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