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This 'n That Thursdays: Personality Quizzes

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For some inexplicable reason, I can't resist taking online personality quizzes.  Even though most of them are not well designed and the results are often questionable, there is just something about selecting preferences from a list of items and then finding out what those preferences mean that appeals to me.  I thought I would provide links to several of these quizzes that I have taken lately, ranked by me in order of plausibility, so that you too can experience the thrill of having your personality analyzed (click on the highlighted quiz title to begin)!

From Food Network

1) What's Your Culinary Point of View? Quiz

The first episode of Food Network Star Season 11 aired this past Sunday, and as usual I am excited to watch.  The show has had its ups and downs over the years and my favorite contestant does not always win, but I still find the show entertaining, and often find myself really wanting to try some of the recipes.  A big thank you to Food Network for posting each episode's winning recipes this year.  I can't wait to try the Chipotle Shrimp with Avocado Cream appetizer created by contestant Eddie Jackson, who is my current favorite at this early stage of the game.  Contestants are always being told to make sure they have a clear culinary point of view, which is the reason for the quiz posted on the Star Talk blog.  Although this quiz has a few problems common to quizzes of this sort (too few choices which are so specific that often none of the options apply), it was fun to take.  I even got my husband to answer the questions, and actually learned a few new things about him!

As for the results, the first time around the answer was a little off base ("New Southern Roots", which can't be right as I am not originally from the South).  I then took the quiz a second time, and I decided to choose answers based on a more generalized interpretation.  I think my second result was pretty accurate ("Big Flavors on a Budget"), although in my case it would be more appropriate to call the category "Big Flavors Using Locally Available Ingredients".

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2) What Kind of Pizza Are You? Quiz

This quiz was fun to take, if a bit silly.  I like the questions because they were often unexpected (I especially enjoyed the dinosaur question) and usually had an adequate number of answer choices covering a good range of options.  The only minor problem I had was answering the favorite chocolate question because the quiz is British and I am not very familiar with the Cadbury chocolate flavors listed.

As before, my first result was not very accurate ("Sizzling Mexican Chicken") as I am not at all flamboyant or much of a fireball.  However, when I took the quiz again I read the questions more closely and was a little more careful with my responses, so I found that once again my second result ("Veggie Supreme") was much more on the mark.

3) Which Door Would You Choose? Quiz

This very simple quiz only requires you to make one choice, and your personality is analyzed based on which one of eight doors you choose as your favorite.  My choice was door #1 (shown above), and I really do think the quiz makers got it right!  This door appeals to those who love authenticity, simplicity, and a life of quiet and solitude, preferring a homey environment and the company of family and close friends.  Out of curiosity, I checked out the description for my second choice, door #7.  I did not find this result especially accurate for me, but my interpretation of this open doorway was different.  I saw it as a clear and straight path, well lit and uncluttered, which is the way I would prefer my life journey to progress, and based on that interpretation this door also suits my personality.

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4) Do You Have Oscar-Worthy Style? Quiz

This was my favorite quiz of the four listed here.  I loved the fact that there were so many options for each question, and those options represented a good variety of home design styles.  Once you have made your selections, the results are analyzed and you are matched with a celebrity whose design aesthetic is compatible with yours.  My match was Meryl Streep, and it seems that we both love a modern look, clean lines, lots of windows, and purposeful colors (whatever that means!).  Just for laughs, I took the quiz again and chose the options that I liked the least.  My mismatch this second time was Reese Witherspoon, who apparently likes spacious rooms done in a luxurious shabby chic Spanish style.  That is very definitely not my preference!

So not my style!
(from ABC News)

If you happen to feel the urge to take just one more quiz, try the one on Buzzfeed (also linked to the photo at the top of the page) that will let you know why you want to take these quizzes in the first place.  My result?  "I just like taking quizzes, OK?" (and the comment about Solitaire was spot on!).

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