Thursday, June 18, 2015

This 'n That Thursdays: Black and White Anthropologie Dining Room

I always find the furnishings and home décor from Anthropologie quite inspiring, and recently I just had to put together a dining room style board based on the table shown above.  I love the stark contrast of black and white, and with a background of deep aqua blue (similar to the color the glassware), this combination is even more striking:

Clockwise from left: Handblown Bubbles Glassware; Shed Antler Chandelier; Orly Flatware Set; Chalkboard Placemats; Handcarved Gallery Chairs in Black; Chevron Inlay Dresser; Sambaya Vases; Relief Print Napkins; Center top: Kalahari Vignettes Wallpaper; Center bottom: Darlington Dining Table; Background: Sand Waves Rug; Royal Oak Hardwood Flooring in Black Tea from MacFloor.

Instead of hanging artwork on the wall, I thought it would be more interesting to build frames around several large sections of a fun and intricately patterned wallpaper.  As always, the prices for items from Anthropologie are steep, but it costs nothing to create a style board and let your imagination run wild!

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