Saturday, February 1, 2014

On the Homefront: Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl X!

Aurora the Dalmatian and Suri the Siberian Husky, just two of the
pups participating in Puppy Bowl X!
(from Yahoo! News)

I don't like football -- I never have and I never will.  That is why I will not be watching Super Bowl XLVIII.  I do, however, adore puppies, so I will not be able to resist tuning in to Puppy Bowl X tomorrow for at least a little while!  If you feel the same way, check out this article on Yahoo! News which introduces a few of the 66 playful puppies.  See more of the starting lineup here, then tune in to Animal Planet at 3:00 PM EST on Sunday to catch the cuteness in action.

A scene from last year's Puppy Bowl IX
(from TVWeek)

And for double the adorableness, be sure to watch the Hallmark Channel tomorrow at noon EST for the debut of the Kitten Bowl!  For me, the choice between football and baby animal games is a no-brainer -- I would much rather watch cute little puppies and kittens cavorting than oversized humans slamming into each other.  To each his/her own, however, and I am just happy to have alternative programming available -- let the games begin!

Kittens in action at the first annual Kitten Bowl!

For those clueless few who have never seen a Puppy Bowl, here is a sneak peek at this year's game:


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