Friday, February 14, 2014

Holiday Hits: Valentine's Day Coldwater Creek Lady in Red

For Valentine's Day, my husband and I almost always go to our favorite Indian restaurant for dinner.  Never much of a fashionista, I rarely dress up -- a red sweater with black slacks is about as fancy as I get.  However, if I ever did decide to go glamorous, the red Draped Front Dress from Coldwater Creek shown above would be my apparel choice.  And I am even less likely to wear shoes with heels (I only own one pair and almost never wear them!), but if I did I would go all out with these silver Yeelied Heels:

I like to keep things simple but bold when it comes to jewelry, so the Geo Chain Necklace from Coldwater Creek would be perfect:

In February the weather is bound to be cold, but this Oversize Plush Coat would be more than adequate to keep me warm for the short walk between car and restaurant:

As long as there is no snow or rain in the forecast, attired in this outfit I might actually enjoy being the Lady in Red for one evening on Valentine's Day!

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