Thursday, October 31, 2013

Holiday Hits: Happy Halloween!

Terrifying! (from Horror Digital)

All Hallow's Eve has arrived!  Now is the time for children to swarm their neighborhoods in pursuit of candy, and for those who enjoy a good scare to watch a frightening film or two (or read a satisfyingly spooky book, if you prefer the old-fashioned way).  This year I have been focusing on devilish dolls movies, and I think I have saved the very scary best for last.  If you have never seen the "Trilogy of Terror" (1975) tale called "Amelia", be prepared for a horrific half hour as you watch the unfortunate title character (portrayed by Karen Black, who is the heroine of all three stories in this trilogy and who recently passed away) attempt to outwit a ruthless, vicious, and truly horrifying Zuni doll which has magically and menacingly come to life.  Despite the age of this film and the rather poor special effects, this little segment still has the power to scare me silly!  You can watch this tale on YouTube in three parts (or watch the entire movie here).  Below is the link to Part 1 (look for the other two parts entitled "Trilogy of Terror.  The One with the Doll.  Parts 2 and 3."):

This is another movie that many recall as being one of the most terrifying from their childhood days.  I did not see it until I was in my very early twenties, but I still find it quite horrific -- I can't imagine watching this one as a child!  Although the youth of today may be more blasé about horror films, I still would not recommend this as family viewing.

Happy Halloween, everyone -- may it be as fun or as scary as you like it!

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