Thursday, August 22, 2013

This 'n That Thursdays: Dalmatian Appreciation Day!

Our Dalmatians

I think it must be obvious by now that I am an avid lover of Dalmatians.  We have had three so far.  Our first Dalmatian came to us as a puppy in 1990, not long after I lost my beloved first dog, a black and white beagle/pointer mix who had a ticking pattern on her white parts that gave her a vaguely Dalmatian look.  Our Dalmatian pup was born on August 28th.  When we lost her as well as the wonderful husky mix who was her best friend, we decided to adopt two adult Dalmatians from a rescue group in Atlanta.  Our sweet and wonderful Diamond, a Dalmatian mix, passed away in December 2012, exactly six years to the day after we lost the first Dalmatian.  Her best friend, a liver-spotted purebred that we adopted at the same time, is still with us.  Unfortunately, we never knew when either of these two were born as they were both rescued strays.

Since I love Dals so much, I have decided I must dedicate a day to celebrate the breed.  Therefore, August 28th (the birthday of our first Dal) will be declared Dalmatian Appreciation Day at our house.  It will be rather fun to have our very own holiday, and I think our current Dalmatian (and her terrier mix buddy) will enjoy it as much as we do.  In fact, I have a feeling that she will love it even more, as snacks will be involved, and our old girl is quite the chow hound!

On Dalmatian Appreciation Day, I am setting an appropriate table, celebrating the day with a Dalmatian-themed afternoon tea (more about that in a different post).  Much (but not all) of my Dalmatian tableware will make an appearance.  A great time will be had by all, both canine and human, Dalmatian and non-Dalmatian.  This will definitely become an annual event at our house!

Our honorary Dalmatians:

On Dalmatian Appreciation Day, every dog is Dalmatian!

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