Wednesday, August 28, 2013

On the Homefront: Dalmatian Appreciation Day Table

Dexter and Delilah Dalmatian cordially invite you to partake of
an elegant afternoon tea celebrating Dalmatian Appreciation Day!

In honor of my favorite dog breed, and all of our Dalmatians (past and present, actual and honorary), today is Dalmatian Appreciation Day at our house.  I have set a very Dalmatian-themed table for afternoon tea to mark the occasion.  Almost all of my Dalmatian tableware has made an appearance in the dining room, though not all of it is on the table.  Black, white, and red are popular color choices for Dalmatians, so those are the colors I used.  Black and red also happen to be the team colors for the University of Georgia, where my husband teaches and where classes have recently begun for the fall semester.  Even though the football team is called the Bulldogs and not the Dalmatians, as I've mentioned before, "On Dalmatian Appreciation Day, every dog is Dalmatian!", so today even the Georgia Bulldogs are honorary Dalmatians (Go Dawgs!).  Anyway, here is my table for this very special day:

Black tablecloth from Walmart last year; round red place mat from KMart a few years ago; black dinner plate from Big Lots many years ago; Dalmatian bread plate by Karen Donleavy Designs; Dalmatian mug by Royal Westbury Bone China of Staffordshire, England; small glass soup bowl (Cosmos by Luminarc); white dog or cat cream pitcher by Ascent Porcelain from, I think, Peppercorn in Boulder, CO; small scalloped bowl for sugar from Pier 1; spotted flatware from Cow Depot Cow Kitchen; spotted and red napkin rings (the latter from Pier 1, can't remember where I got the former); can't remember where I got the water glass or white napkin.

Dalmatian spotted teapot on Dalmatian spotted place mat with
Dalmatian salt and pepper shakers (red plate for tea sandwiches).

Red teapot on Dalmatian spotted place mat with
Dalmatian salt and pepper shakers (red plate for tea sandwiches).

Dalmatian mugs as candleholders.

Three-tier Tripoli Server from Crate and Barrel holds Lindt Lindor truffles,
chocolate Dalmatians cookies, and chocolate chip scones.

Dog and cat cream pitchers; small scalloped bowls for sugar.

Spotted and red napkin rings; spotted flatware.

Our afternoon tea will start off with a brilliant red strawberry soup, to be followed by tea sandwiches, scones, and cookies which are all spotted!  I like to serve my favorite Darjeeling tea, although just about any tea would work.  Scones are best served freshly baked, and if the sandwiches are made a couple of hours in advance be sure to cover them with a damp towel or they will dry out.  The cookies and even the soup can be made ahead of time.  You can find detailed instructions for brewing a perfect pot of tea here, but remember, all that really matters is making a pot of tea that you (and any guests) will enjoy!

Dalmatian Appreciation Day Menu:

Currant or Chocolate Chip Scones/Butter
Tea Sandwiches:
Ham, Arugula, Mayonnaise, and Honey Mustard on Raisin Bread
Tomato with Mayonnaise on Olive Bread
Darjeeling Tea

Once again Lindt Lindor Truffles are served -- this time in milk chocolate (red) and extra dark chocolate (black).  They make a perfect top layer on the three-tier server.

More Dalmatian tableware sits on our credenza and tea cart:

A ceramic Dalmatian recently purchased from a local flea market.

Dalmatian bowls

Dalmatian Dog Tea for One teapot and cup

Dalmatian bowl by Karen Donleavy Designs

Happy Dalmatian Appreciation Day, everyone!

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