Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wish List Wednesdays: Little Guy Teardrop Trailer

From Chilhowee RV Center

I have never thought of camping as recreation, having spent far too much time living in tents while doing field research in my younger days.  Why spend the night in a sleeping bag on the floor of a flimsy tent if a nice little cabin with real beds and indoor plumbing is available?  Even the relatively recent phenomenon called glamping (glamorous camping) was of no interest to me -- until I saw this sweet Teardrop Trailer by Little Guy!  Available in a range of sizes, colors, and custom options, this cute trailer features an outside compartment that can be used as a kitchen and/or dining area:

From Roaming Times

From Sunset

And even the littlest trailers have room for a bed on the inside:

From Sunset

A battery pack is included as a power supply for lights and small appliances.  The tiny versions are lightweight enough to be pulled by a car, but I think my personal favorite is the Silver Shadow model.  Even though indoor plumbing is still an issue, I may be forced to reconsider my views on camping now, thanks to the Little Guy Teardrop Trailer!

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