Thursday, June 27, 2013

This 'n That Thursdays: Is Your Kitchen Making You Fat?

From Flaming Fun

I recently came across an interesting little quiz on HouseLogic testing the ability to recognize nine diet saboteurs in one's very own kitchen!  Take a look at these images:

From Apartment Therapy

From Best Kitchen Decoration

From Home Revo

From DIY Network

From DIY Network

From Houzz

From MultyFlex

From Melissa Loves

From Coast Views Magazine

All of these photos feature items in the kitchen that could be exacerbating weight woes (some have more than one).  Can you figure out what they are?  For the answers, visit the website.  At least four of these problems exist in my kitchen!  And here's a bonus image -- do you know how this kitchen could be making you overeat?

Check out the answer here (to a lesser extent, this is another issue in my kitchen).  After taking the quiz you may find yourself rethinking your kitchen design -- I know I am!

From Condé Nast Collection

From The Real Health Wife

From CHEEZburger

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