Thursday, June 20, 2013

This 'n That Thursdays: This Video Will Touch Your Heart

If you have not yet seen this video, prepare to be profoundly moved by the sweetness of a three-year-old boy!  As he eats his meal, he carries on a conversation with his mother, which leads to a rather unexpected conclusion by the little fellow that brings his mother to tears.  In fact, I think only the most hard-hearted among us would not be affected by this, so don't be surprised if you find yourself choking up just a bit as well.

Although the video is being touted as an argument for the vegan lifestyle (raising much controversy between those who eat meat and those who do not), I do not see it that way.  Rather, I find it to be a testament to that which makes human beings unique, namely our ability to gather information and use it to form conclusions based not only on how this information affects us and our species, but how it affects other species as well.  This child is only three, and he may form different conclusions as he gets older and gathers more knowledge.  He will come to understand that death is a natural part of life, and that some animal species kill others for food, sometimes out of necessity (obligate carnivores) and sometimes as a normal supplement to their diet (omnivores and facultative carnivores).  He may one day become a dedicated meat eater, or he may devote his life to the vegan cause, or he may forget all about the whole issue -- only time will tell.  But the fact that one so young can care so deeply about the lives of other creatures reminds us that life is a very precious gift, and should not be taken for granted.  We would all do well to pause once in a while to remember this, and to be thankful for all, humans and non-humans, who have given their lives for others.  And we should thank a little three-year-old boy for reminding us of this.

From The Inn at Serenbe

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