Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wish List Wednesdays: Turtle Crossing Percale Bedding

I adore turtles!  One of our dogs found a box turtle in our horse pasture last week.  When I was young, my siblings and I would often find box turtles in the woods behind our house in the summer.  We would bring them home and keep them in an outdoor pen, feeding them raw ground beef and fresh fruits and vegetables, until they invariably escaped and returned to the woods where they belonged.  These days I prefer to leave box turtles alone, but I still enjoy having turtles around the house in decorative form.  The Turtle Crossing Percale Bedding from The Company Store is just my style -- colorful turtles lined up on 100% cotton percale sheets who don't mind being kept indoors!  They are reasonably priced for good quality bedding ($49 for king size flat or fitted sheet, $29 for a pair of king size pillowcases), so if you too have a fondness for turtles you may just want to order a set!

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