Saturday, March 30, 2013

On the Homefront: Easter Fireplace Mantel

In celebration of Easter, I decided to decorate our fireplace area with a few holiday touches.  For spring, I always turn the Ikea chairs away from the fireplace and replace the autumnal leaf pillows with light-colored ones in a bird and branch pattern.  The rock surround can make the fireplace look a little dark.  Since there is a lot of the color orange in our living room, I chose a toy bunny with an orange bow, some orange egg candles, and a few orange tulips in a red-orange vase to complement our décor and brighten up this space a bit.  By the way, did you know the correct spelling is "mantel" and not "mantle" for that decorative shelf above your fireplace?  I didn't, until I looked it up!

I'm liking the way our fireplace looks for Easter.  Even the weather is starting to cooperate -- temperatures are finally warming up.  The birds are chirping, forsythia and fragrant daffodils are blooming, squirrels are digging in our outdoor flower pots... wait a minute, that last one has got to stop!

I think spring has arrived here in Georgia -- I hope it has come to you as well!

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