Sunday, March 31, 2013

On the Homefront: Easter Brunch Table

Easter Dalmatian basket from Walmart;
sweetgrass basket from the City Market in Charleston, SC.

Oh, the Easter Dal basket is here,
Full of flowers and lots of good cheer!
And I hope it will bring,
On this fine day in spring,
Fun and joy to you all, far and near!

Easter has arrived, and with it comes a new tablescape (and I hope more springlike weather as well)!  I rarely use pastels, but I made an effort for this table.  My inspiration was an egg plate that I am pretty sure I bought at TJMaxx (now HomeGoods) many years ago.

More Easter Dalmatians!

The plate is blue with swirl patterns in yellow, orange, green, and blue, so I tried to choose softer shades of blue and green paired with bright yellow and orange.  Also, no Easter theme of mine would be complete without eggs, chicks, bunnies, and of course candy (lots and lots of candy!), so all of these items have made an appearance on my table.  Since our Easter brunch will feature lemons, it made sense to add some of these bright yellow fruits to the mix.  The Dalmatians, however, are a choice uniquely my own!

Blue and green Croft & Barrow Checkerboard tablecloth from Kohl's; blue placemat, green napkin, and orange water glass from The Cupboard in Fort Collins, CO; yellow dinner plate (Block Basics by Cerind of Portugal); blue dessert plate from Publix; small Easter plate from HomeGoods topped with a yellow chick Peep; blue wine goblet from Target (if I remember correctly!); wire egg cup with chicken is one of a set of four that was a gift from my husband many years ago; I can't remember where I got the faux wood-handled flatware.

Dalmatian mug (Royal Westbury Bone China made in
Staffordshire, England).

A better view of one of the wire egg cups with chickens
(thank goodness Publix always sells dyed eggs every Easter,
since I really dislike making my own!).

Egg candles from The Cupboard in Fort Collins, CO.

Blue pedestal bowl from TJMaxx (now HomeGoods) filled with milk chocolate Lindt Italian Eggs.

Blue bowl with butterflies (inherited from my husband's mother) filled with fragrant lemons.

Our Easter brunch menu:

Lemon Peep Mimosas (lemonade and sparkling wine with Peeps on a skewer)
Turkey Breakfast Sausage
Roasted Asparagus with Lemon Butter
Buttered Challah Bread
Fresh Strawberries

As always, help yourself to a little bit of candy if you like.  We have plenty -- Gold Bunnies in milk chocolate and chocolate Italian Eggs in five flavors from Lindt; six Godiva Spring Truffles with yummy fillings like key lime; and a white ceramic egg carton from Kohl's filled with assorted Easter candies:

Oh, and let's not forget the yellow chick Peeps, since this is the 60th anniversary for Peeps!  I wish I had been able to find the speckled vanilla creme-flavored Peeps created for this special occasion, but alas, it was not to be!  At least I can watch my very favorite Easter Peeps video on YouTube:

Wishing you and your loved ones a very Happy Easter!

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