Thursday, October 11, 2012

This 'n That Thursdays: A New Color for Fall!

Just in time for Halloween, a creepy new color has burst upon the scene in the fashion world -- oxblood!  This fabulous color with the frightening name is a gorgeous shade of deep red with brownish/purplish undertones.  I remember it mainly as the color of some sturdy outdoor Asian ceramic pots which have been around for a while, such as this one:

From SFGate

Now apparently this color is the darling of the Fall 2012 fashion runways:

From College Fashion

From Her Campus Emory

From Thrifty Tyra

As you can tell from these runway photos, oxblood is an especially popular color for leather.  This means that home furnishings in this handsome shade of red should be showing up in interior design much more frequently, in addition to paint and even tile options for this color:

Oxblood red front door from Houzz

Oxblood red walls from Home Interior Design Themes

Oxblood red powder room from Houzz

Classic oxblood red garden stool from Gump's

Contemporary oxblood red leather chair from

Oxblood red leather club chair from

Classic Chesterfield sofa in oxblood red from Chesterfields in Lincoln Limited

Contemporary sofa in oxblood red leather and zebrawood from 1stdibs

I could go on and on with this, but I'm going to stop now since my post is getting way too long.  I especially love the contemporary sofa above, and oxblood red may just be my new favorite fall color -- in fact, I think it would look lovely with my favorite fall color from last year called butternut.  I can't wait to see more ideas for adding this lovely red shade with the scary name to my own home!

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