Thursday, October 18, 2012

Current Events: Binders Full of Women

Well, I really did try to avoid bringing up this topic, but Governor Romney's choice of words at the second presidential debate was so hilariously inappropriate I just can't stop laughing, so here it is!  I suppose this is because his comment makes me think of a scene in the 1966 Rosalind Russell/Hayley Mills movie "The Trouble with Angels", where a naive young nun is sent out with a whole host of young novices to outfit them with brassieres, which she calls "binders".  While I seriously doubt Mr. Romney had this particular definition in mind, the thought of "binders full of women" in the Massachusetts governor's office becomes pretty risqué to those of us who remember this comedy (and I'm obviously one of many who do!).

And then I am also reminded of that classic joke about Prince Albert in a can (see a rather funny scene with Tim Curry from the 1990 Stephen King horror movie "It" if you need to refresh your memory -- this is a great movie for Halloween, by the way).  I can just picture Romney's campaign headquarters receiving this message:

"Governor Romney, does your campaign office have binders full of women?  Well, if it does you really need to let them out!"

Oh dear, combine the two images and this whole scenario could really get out of hand!

Okay, I've had enough fun at the Republican candidate's expense.  The important thing to remember is the general consensus that Governer Romney commanded the first debate, while President Obama took charge in the second.  Next Monday we will find out who performs better in the third and final one, and then it is on to the election in November.  Don't forget to vote!

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