Thursday, September 13, 2012

This 'n That Thursdays: Bird Print Wall Coverings

There are times when a flock of beautiful birds will literally fill the sky, as in the impressive photo above.  You can achieve this same look in the home with wall coverings, as there are quite a few which feature avian species!  Are you partial to parrots?  Then this wallpaper is for you:

Aimée Wilder Lovebirds Paradise

Perhaps you favor flamingoes.  Never fear, because they are right here:

Contour Flamingo Pink

If you adore owls, then look no farther than this attractive offering:

Abigail Edwards Owls of the British Isles

Or maybe you would rather opt for ostriches:

Beware the Moon Ostrich

Should your thoughts tend to turn toward the tropics, then these birds will appeal to you:

Frontier Tropical Birds

I have to admit that wallpaper is not one of my favorite design elements, but even I would consider  a giant wall mural such as this one for my home:

Birds and Birch Mural

It seems that just about everyone's favorite feathered friend has been the focus of some form of wall covering, and if not I would venture to guess it is only a matter of time before that happy day arrives (designers, I am patiently awaiting my Puffins, please)!

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