Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wish List Wednesdays: Sweet Cake Tub

Cupcakes are sweet, but even sweeter are these giant cupcake liners!  The Sweet Cake Tub comes in three colors (white, green, and yellow), is made of sturdy polyethylene, and is large enough to serve as an outdoor planter, a kiddie pool, a sandbox, or even a pet bed!

It is available for 149 euros (a little less than $190), which is a bit steep, and it may be rather hard to keep clean with all of those ridges, but I still love this tub as a planter, so if someone offered me a really good deal I would not say no to one (or more!).  I wonder if they would sweeten the deal even more with a giant cupcake like this one:

From eBay

If so, then I am definitely in!

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