Thursday, May 31, 2012

This 'n That Thursdays: Not-So-Annoying Orange

For anyone not familiar with the Annoying Orange, you are in for a rather dubious treat!  Check out the above YouTube video for an introduction to this funny but indubitably annoying fruit.  Then take a look at the images below for a much more agreeable orange experience:

From 1stdibs

From Planika


Grabber Orange Mustang from Meguiars Online

From Bonaldo

Chiyogami Modern from Susan Diana Harris Interior Design

Ballpark Condo from Susan Diana Harris Interior Design

From Matters of Style

Contemporary living room by Erinn Valencich 

From Matters of Style

Well, okay, I will admit that there may be a few folks out there who find one or more of these pictures not to their liking, but for those like me who find the color orange pleasing, these items and rooms showcase the color nicely, and are not annoying at all!  In fact, I could see having any one of them in my home right now.  Except for the Annoying Orange -- he can stay on YouTube, and soon, apparently, on the Cartoon Network!

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