Monday, May 28, 2012

On the Homefront: Our Three-in-One Tree

We have a three-in-one tree growing in one of our horse pastures.  From this distance I know it does not look very interesting, but get close enough and you will see why I find it to be quite special!  The tree itself is a young pecan which just started producing last year, and promises to yield even more nuts this year:

But if you look closer, you will see a small mulberry tree growing intertwined with the pecan, lush with an abundance of berries:

And an even closer examination reveals a blackberry bush covered with flowers growing among the branches of the two trees:

These pictures were taken over a month ago -- the mulberries are gone and the blackberries are red in color right now.  They should be ripe in a few more weeks, and then the pecans will be on their way to maturity.  Our three-in-one tree is a three-season provider -- mulberries in the spring, blackberries in the summer, and pecans in the fall.  Now you know why I am so fascinated by this otherwise rather unremarkable little tree!

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