Sunday, December 25, 2011

Holiday Hits: Twelve Days of Christmas

The Twelve Days of Christmas are celebrated between Christmas Day, December 25th, and January 5th, or Twelfth Night.  This celebration, known as Christmastide, is largely forgotten in the United States, except as the lyrics for a well-known Christmas carol.  While the gifts mentioned in the song are impractical in this day and age, it is easy to come up with substitutes which honor the spirit of these presents but would be much more acceptable in the modern home.  Here is my wish list for the Twelve Days of Christmas:

Left to right from top: Partridge Accent from Home Decorators Collection; plus Pear Tree Pillow from Pillow Modern; Dove Candle Holder from @rtyfax (no longer available) - two; Hen Art Glass Figurine from Bonanza - three; Etched Bird Wine Glasses from Etsy - set of four; Gold Bird Napkin Rings from Gracious Style - set of four; plus Harbinger Ring from BHLDN; Goose Egg Cup from houzz (no longer available) - 6; Origami Swan Linen Napkins from Etsy- two sets of four (one extra); Davenport "Milk Maid" Tea Saucer from eBay - four; plus Davenport "Milk Maid" Tea Cup from eBay - four; Nine Ladies Dancing Gift Tags from Etsy - two sets of six (three extra); Lords a Leaping Charm from - ten; Piper Piping Ornament from CharmingShoppe (no longer available) - eleven; Little Drummer Boy Coasters from Dear Lillie (no longer available) - three sets of four

Unfortunately many of these items are no longer available, and it may be difficult to find more than one set of the "Milk Maid" tea cup and saucer, but this is just a wish list after all, and I can wish for anything I want!  Enjoy your Twelve Days of Christmas, and wish for anything you want as well -- after all, holiday miracles can happen!

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