Thursday, July 28, 2011

This 'n That Thursdays: A Veritable Forest of Tree-Themed Shower Curtains!

I tend to keep decorative items in the bathroom to a minimum as I prefer a calm, spa-like atmosphere.  One focal point is all that is needed, and any one of these shower curtains would fill that niche admirably:

Top row left: Target; top row right:
Middle row left:; middle row right: Bed Bath & Beyond
Bottom row left: CB2; bottom row right: Walmart

Either of these towel sets would pair well with the shower curtains:

From Bed Bath & Beyond
From Macy's

Bath accessories can range from sleek to rustic:

From Pioneer Linens
From The Cabin Shop

And for a true summer woodland look, this green marble leaf-shaped sink is a must for the bathroom:


I'm ready to rush out and at least get one of those shower curtains for myself right now!  Of course, I still need to find that perfect mountain getaway summer cabin...

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