Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Picture Parade: Colorfully Wild And Wacky Sofas

A few weeks ago I posted a comment about the patchwork Bensington sofa, something I found surprisingly to my liking despite that fact that I normally prefer modern, solid-colored upholstered pieces.  Recently the HGTV Design Happens blog posted a similar comment about the Oswald Squint sofa sporting an even wilder patchwork pattern (and this is only one of many from Squint Limited):

This led me to do a search for even more colorfully wild and wacky sofas, which turn out to be quite easy to find!  For example, the African-themed Qalakabusha ("New Beginning") couch from Ardmore was a recent finalist in the Design Indaba 2011 Expo's Most Beautiful Object Contest:

Other colorful sofas include the Versace Bubble sofa,

as well as their Jaipur sofa:

Then there are the pixellated sofas by Cristian Zuzunaga:

With Cristophe Delcourt

With Morose UK and Kvadrat

The Betsy Victorian couch by Suzanne Meyer Pistorius of BlugirlArt is another eye-popping find,

as is the Amor sofa from Corita Rose:

Nicole Chazaud Telaar of Festive Fibers designed this fun "Like Bees" sofa:

And while I could go on for quite a while longer with these pictures, I will end with the colorful and fuzzy Cipria sofa from Edra Furniture:

Colorfully wild and wacky sofas seem to be a fun trend right now, and I for one cannot get enough!

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