Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Wish List Wednesdays: Fun Bird Print Apparel from Talbots

Talbots seems to have a bit of a bird theme going on for summer this year.  The cute Parrot Woven Straw Wristlet ($59.50) shown above is just one example.  And speaking of parrots, check out the Parrot Printed Scallop Hem Canvas Skirt ($69.50) - I love that hem:

(for more parrot-themed items click here)

If you prefer flamingos, you might like the 10 1/2" Embroidered Flamingo Twill Shorts ($59.50):

(for more flamingo-themed items click here)

There are even a few toucans included in this flock of avian-inspired apparel.  I especially like the Embroidered Toucan Tile Charming Cardigan (on sale for $62.65):

(for more toucan-themed items click here)


I think I am going to have to fly the coop and head on over to our local Talbots to take a look at their new arrivals for summer!

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