Saturday, May 20, 2017

Weekend Wardrobe: Accessories for Transition to Summer 4x4 Wardrobe

Last week's art-inspired 4x4 wardrobe for warmer weather has a very distinctive color palette, but luckily accessories to suit this collection were not hard to find!  The red and aquamarine/
turquoise blue accessories really make a statement, but the white and grey/silver options allow for a calmer color scheme when needed.  I also think that everything in this wardrobe would be great for any summer travel you might have in mind.

Let's start with the shoes.  I am someone who does not believe in high heels.  I have one pair of low-heeled black shoes that are suitable for dressy occasions - they are decades old but fit so well and are used so seldom that they have lasted forever.  The style is classic and simple, so I doubt that they will ever be inappropriate, thank goodness!  Anyway, the shoes I chose for this wardrobe are all relatively flat but attractive, and hopefully extremely comfortable:

Clockwise from top left: Clarks Gracelin Gemma Slip-On Shoes in Red Leather; Olukai Pehuea Slip-On Shoes in Vivid Blue/VividBlue; Vans Slip-On Shoes in True White; Cole Haan Women's Pinch Leather Weekender Loafers in Grey.

The handbags I chose all coordinate nicely with the corresponding shoes of the same color:

Clockwise from top left: ILI New York Leather Wristlet in Red; Magid Long Crochet Crossbody Bag in Turquoise; Giani Bernini Nappa Leather Hobo Bag in White; Botkier Soho Heavy Grain Pebbled Tote in Smoke/Gunmetal.

And now on to the jewelry!  I selected a lot of silver pieces because most of the tops are pretty colorful, but I had to throw in some turquoise and red options as well, just because I love those colors:

Clockwise from top left: Verdy Jake Navajo Bracelet in Mediterranean Coral and Sterling Silver; Bling Jewelry Elegant Coral Necklace/Bracelet Set; Rio Grande Liquid Assets 10-Strand Liquid Sterling Silver Earrings; Southwest Silver Gallery Adjustable Length Liquid Silver Turquoise Bead Necklace; Ross-Simons Italian Sterling Silver Polished Cuff Bracelet; Ross-Simons Italian Sterling Silver Twist Drop Earrings; Jay King Seven Peaks Turquoise Graduated Bead Sterling Silver 18" Necklace; Rio Grande Liquid Assets 10-Strand Liquid Sterling Silver Necklace.

Finally a few miscellaneous accessories - sunglasses because they are a must in the summer, a beautiful scarf in coordinating colors, a water-resistant jacket because rain does happen even in the summer, and then a protective sun hat in three different colors, just because it was available in the appropriate hues:

Left top to bottom: REI SunCloud Patrol Polarized Women's Sunglasses in Silver Gray; Vintagedame Vintage Silk Scarf in Aqua, Blue,and Red; Free Country Women's Meadow Packable Windbreaker in Shell Grey; Right top to bottom: Sunday Afternoons Beach Hat in Turquoise, White, and Red.


Grey is not normally I color I choose, but I love this wardrobe so much I might be willing to reconsider!  Next week we will be out of town, so there will be no post over the Memorial Day weekend, but posting will resume the following week.  See you when I get back!

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  1. Thanks for sharing such beautiful Inspo with us, girlie. Nice collection of varities summer fashion trend.