Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Wish List Wednesdays: It's a Jungle Out There at Serengeti!

I am always on the lookout for interesting apparel and accessories, and one of my favorite sites to search is the Serengeti website.  Here are just a few items I found recently, all with a wild animal theme that would boost the nature quotient of any wardrobe:

1) Giraffes Pullover (on sale for $24.99) - I never had a particular interest in giraffes before, but this bright blue pullover sweatshirt with the trio of silk-screened giraffes running rampant along one side has turned me into a fan!

2) Owl-Print Tote ($39.95) - owls have been an enduringly popular theme for a while now, and one look at this delightful tote makes it clear why they are here to stay.

3) Enameled Ladybug Earrings ($19.95) - I think these colorful mosaic ladybug earrings are adorable, and if I had pierced ears I would certainly have to own a pair!

4) Fox & Paws Socks 3-Pack ($14.95) - if you are fond of foxes, this set of three fox-inspired pairs of socks would be a great addition to your accessories collection (there is even a matching sweatshirt, shown at the top of the page).


Check out the Serengeti website for even more apparel and accessories, animal-inspired or otherwise!

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